The Ten Commandments To Approach, Attract And Win Over A Woman

Follow these ten commandments in your dating game and you’ll soon be approaching, attracting, seducing and winning over ANY woman you desire…

1 – Thou Shall Not Use Pickup Lines

None of them are any good. I don’t care how smooth you are at pulling them off, because you never know if some other guy has used them and you’ll only appear cheesy. Instead try using an honest, specific pick up line based on what’s going on around you.

2 – Thou Shall Flirt Like There’s No Tomorrow

Flirting is an art in itself. It takes lot’s of practice and will give your confidence a much needed boost. Flirting with a woman will make it easier for you to take the pressure off simply because it will feel more natural, not just something you only do when trying to attract women.

3 – Thou Shall NEVER Worry About What Women Are Thinking

Everybody is different. Never walk up to a woman nervously wondering if your outfit, hair, career choice, or anything else might disgust her. Women want a man that oozes confidence, and when they see you have it, they will be yours for the taking!

4 – Thou Shall Make An effort To Plan A Date Other Than Dinner And A Movie

Women love originality. Most men always pick dinner and a movie, which don’t get me wrong is fun to do, but not very creative. Prove to her that you are not like every other man by thinking of something different to do on a date. Swimming with dolphins or making pottery together will have them wanting more of you.

5 – Thou Shall Not Discuss Taboo Topics

Don’t start talking about religion, past girlfriends or politics. Impress the woman by asking lot’s of questions, because women really do love to talk! Try to stay on positive subjects and very rarely mention anything negative.

6 – Thou Shall Make An Effort To Listen At All Times

The one thing women look for in their own friends is someone who is a good listener. Women always like to talk and complain and whinge about what’s going on in their lives, so they need very good listeners! Never start daydreaming on your date because women will know you’re not listening to them.

Listening to a woman allows you to pick up hints about what she might like and what she doesn’t like. Keep notes on these things in your head so you can surprise her in the future!

7 – Thou Shall Not Be Too Eager On A Date

Take things slow or you might not get any bedroom action later in the evening! Never stare at a woman’s chest and drool over her, because it will turn a woman right off you and cause her to chalk you up to almost every man she’s ever dated. If you’re not interested in her, just pretend that you are. Things will go more smoothly for you and it may lead to a sexual encounter.

8 – Thou Shall Focus On The Little Things That Make A Woman Happy

If you don’t have plenty of money, don’t worry! Even if you are loaded, don’t try and impress a woman with your wallet. Women want to know that somewhere inside you is that little boy who used to bring dandelions in from the garden for his mom. Try hand made cards, sweet messages or candy bars in the woman’s bag with a little love note every now and again, because little gestures like that will score you big points!

9 – Thou Shall Not Lose Sight Of What You Want In A Woman

It’s important to find a woman who is interested in you as a person, but it’s equally important to not settle for a woman who doesn’t make you happy. Consider every detail, from brains to beauty, and then look for a woman who matches the qualities you’re after. Remember that if you also set your standards too high, you’ll end up being a shallow Hal.

10 – Thou Shall Look For Love In All Places

From this moment on, every single place you visit will be your singles scene. Every time you go to the shop, fill your car up with petrol, each day you go to work, you are now on the prowl for a woman. Finding love is really the easy part, keeping it is where you’re going to be putting the most effort in!

So there are the 10 commandments to win over a woman. We go into more detail about each one, and hand out some KILLER TACTICS ON HOW TO APPROACH, ATTRACT AND SEDUCE WOMEN on our site below.

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